When it comes to taking care of your precious beard, we’re sure that many questions arise as far as what product is best for you and your mane. We’ve been asked what exactly the differences are between oils, balms, and butters, and we’ve decided to compromise a short and sweet go to guide that’ll let you know which is best for you!

Beard Oils: Beard oil is exactly what it sounds like…oil. Beard oils mainly consists of essential and carrier oils and a fragrance. Oil helps to soften the hair a bit and also moisturize the skin. It’s a great tool for nourishment.  When using beard oil, be careful. It is oil, after all, and might give you too much shine if you’re not careful. Beard oils are also great for stubbles and sharp facial hair. It’ll soften the hair shaft and leave your face not as prickly.

Beard Butters: Beard butter gives you nourishment that beard oils just don’t. Beard butters are normally comprised of oils and butters, i.e. Shea butter, carrier oils.   Beard butter gives you a lot of moisturizing properties that oils lack. The natural butters used in beard butter help to lock in moisture into your beard so that it remains soft and manageable. Butters, unlike oils, also provide a light hold so that you can tame and style your beard.

Beard Balm/Wax: Beard balm is essentially beard butter mixed with wax. Balms are butter based and topped with wax and oil to give you maximum holding, shaping, and styling properties. Got unruly hairs you want to tame? Maybe some “fly-aways” on the side of your face you wish would lay down with the rest of the hairs? This is where beard balm comes in handy. But be careful not to use too much. Using too much balm or using a balm that has TOO much beeswax can leave you with a crunchy, hard, dry beard. The wax we use is vegan friendly!