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I have used medicated creams for my eczema and yes they have worked but they have also left me with extremely thin skin due to the steroids in the cream. After using Natural Scentzations eczema cream and salve everyday I no longer use the medicated creams, and I have less flare ups!! ….THANK YOU…your product is amazing.

J. Barbuto, Toronto


As a person with very sensitive skin most products tend not to work for me. I have tried products that claim to be all natural on my face and body which were either too harsh and caused greater damage or didn’t do anything at all. Recently I’ve been using a combination of Natural Scentzations “Sensitive Skin Sugar Face Scrub”, “Argon oil face soap”, and “Oily-Acne Prone Facial Serum” to treat my skin and it works wonders! The face scrub has a soft almost creamy texture and isn’t too harsh on the skin, leaving your skin very soft and renewed. I found that the face soap helps to reduce inflammation of acne and keep in under control but doesn’t dry your skin out. After using the face serum as a moisturizer I will never go back to using regular lotion again, it’s the perfect solution to helping your skin stay hydrated while not being too oily or too dry. I’ve also been using the “Lemon Grass Whipped Body Butter” which is just absolutely amazing for dry skin, My skin was soft and moisturized all day even after going swimming! Another great thing is that the products don’t have a strong or overbearing smell. Excellent products!

A. Cave, Scarbourgh

green-fancy-line-hi“I suffer from restless leg syndrome as well as lower back pain for over 10 years.  I’ve tried many remedies over the years.  I recently tried Natural Scentzations Muscle Relief and the results are truly amazing.  Within minutes I can start to feel relief.  I own 3 bottles of this and I take one with me in my purse when I’m away from home.  If I’ve done too much housework, yard work or exercise, I know that this hidden gem is my quickest pain relief without having to take any sort of pill for pain relief.  Thank you Natural Scentzations for yet another fantastic product”

A. Hiesl, Toronto

green-fancy-line-hi“My son is allergic to alot of things and also had bumps on his arms and was very itchy….so I ordered and used the oatmeal soap and he is no longer itching and the bumps are clearing up…he also experimented with the coffee cake as he was impressed by the quality and he is not itchy with that either…just basically his allergies and bumps and being itchy and the natural soaps are helping and improving the skin….The smells are also amazing and they shipped our products to Sudbury and had no issues with the soaps or balm melting and got here in just a few days. Also with our dogs paws how they were dry and cracked we bought the paw and nose balm and is helping heal in a matter of days 😊 My son and I couldn’t be happier with the natural products from Natural Scentzations. Thanks so much for the wonderful products. We will definitely be ordering again. 2 customers and one puppy very happy.”

T. Wilson, Sudbury


“I used a Natural Scentzations bath melt and I absolutely loved it. The smell and the feel. My skin never felt so lovely after taking a bath. Thank you NS. You sure know how to pamper a girl.”

S. Leanne, Torontogreen-fancy-line-hi

“I tried the lime & lemongrass shaving cream from Natural Scentzations Mens line. It went on thick and creamy, provided a nice barrier while i was shaving. Once washed off, my face felt clean and smooth and there was no need for after shave lotion either. Great product and will be sure to check out your other scents you have available!”

J. Anderson, Pickeringgreen-fancy-line-hi“I tried hard working hands for Men from “Natural Scentzations” and it really took care of my dried and crack up hands from working in grease and oil and using these harsh soap chemicals to clean the grease off my hands. Putting that natural moisture back into my skin was an awesome feeling.”

M. Hall, Shelbournegreen-fancy-line-hi“I recently starting using your Lemongrass Deodorant and am loving it! Keeps me dry with a nice clean scent. Love that all your products are all natural ingredients.”

M. Isaacson, Torontogreen-fancy-line-hi

“Once again I’d like to give a high five to this product line.  I tested a face mask for mature skin, which was great and left my skin feeling pampered.  I also had my son use the soap for acne prone skin and it showed a noticeable difference.  Thanks Natural Scentzations!”

A. Wright,  Bellevillegreen-fancy-line-hi“I’ve never had anything act so quick on my skin to take away the eczema I get occasionally on my hands when I use products with too much perfumes, unbelievable.”

D. Collins, Toronto

green-fancy-line-hiI recently starting using the Sugar Face Scrub for normal/combination skin. I have to say I loved that I got the same results like those expensive brands (that are loaded with chemicals),but knowing now I am using natural ingredients on my face. The scent is very refreshing too!”

Melanie, Torontogreen-fancy-line-hi

“My son uses this on his boxers snout and says it is amazing!” (referring to our nose salve, she shared the before and after photo on her FB page)

M. Barbuto, Chathamgreen-fancy-line-hi(African Black Cleansing Soap) Been using this on my face everyday for a only few days so far and I’m already seeing the difference! It also helped with a lot of blemishes in so little time. My fav facial cleanser A+

T. Collins, Toronto

green-fancy-line-hi“Picked this natural deodorant up from Artsmarket, Riverside.  It’s the longest lasting and best smelling natural deodorant I’ve ever owned!  Thank you @natural_scentzations!”

A. Grant, Torontogreen-fancy-line-hi

I’ve been using the whipped body butter since December, and I still absolutely love it. It works wonders on dry patches and has already helped save my skin from some painful sun burns now that the summer is here. I absolutely love knowing that it’s 100% natural, but yet incredibly effective (which has been difficult to find in products from other companies). It makes my skin feel wonderfully silky, and the vanilla cream scent smells incredible.

I’ve also recently tried your peppermint lip butter and it is equally as impressive. I’m a bit obsessed with trying tons of new lip balms and this is by far one of the best I’ve ever tried. It leaves my lips feeling nourished for hours instead of the strange drying effect that many other brands seem to have. And I think it’s worth noting that your lip butter is actually much better than another natural/vegan brand’s that I’ve also tried recently. Definitely going to be trying other scents in the line soon (though I love the cool tingling sensation from the peppermint oil)!

Thank you so much for creating these wonderful and effective products that are free of synthetic and unethical ingredients. I’m looking forward to trying more products in the future!”

M. Volpe, Toronto


“I thought I’d share how much I love Scentzations soap for mature skin.  It leaves my skin feeling clean and not covered in a film like a lot of soaps. Can’t wait to try some of your other products !”

A. Wright, Bellevillegreen-fancy-line-hi

“Recently had cuts & small splitting of skin on my fingertips. I used the eczema relief salve. Used for 5 days, and they healed up very quickly. Still have lots left to use in the future. Thanks for helping me with my hands.”
J. Hatswell, Toronto
“I purchased a jar of Natural Scentzations diaper rash cream from the Arts Market. My baby girl had a very bad rash and I had used a number of other creams but nothing worked as fast or as good as this stuff.  Even when my baby experienced a minor rash on her skin as a result of changing the laundry soap, I used the NS cream and the rash cleared up immediately. I highly recommend this product.”
L. Scott, Alliston   green-fancy-line-hi
I had the pleasure of testing Natural Scentzation’s beard oil, butter and balm. I was very surprised and satisfied with all three products and continue to use them on my beard daily! I found each product to be greatly beneficial while bringing slightly different characteristics to the table….”
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