Having a new born baby is the most rewarding, exciting experience of your life!

As Moms we want to ensure we are doing everything to the best of our ability and knowledge.  We want to make sure they are getting all the vitamins, nutrients and trying to stay away from chemical based products as much as possible.

When we first launched Natural Scentzations we were going to hold off on releasing our baby line but the more we thought about it, we felt it was best to introduce all together so they can lead a healthy lifestyle right from the start.

We did loads of research before creating/testing our product line. 

We recommend starting with our unscented version line until 3 months of age.  For Premature babies please calculate from the due date.  It is not advised to use essential oils on babies less than 3 months of age because their skin is not mature yet and therefore more permeable and sensitive to essential oils. Unlike adults, newborns are also not as capable of dealing with adverse reactions to essential oils. There should be even more caution with premature babies, avoiding all essential oil use until they reach at least 3 months after their due date.

To compare our essential oil dilution for baby to adults is as follows…

Adult sensitive skin products:  6 drops per oz of product = 1% dilution

Adult Regular:  10-12 drops per oz of product = 2% dilution

Baby: 1 drop per oz of product = .2% dilution

Currently we only have Lavender as our choice of essential oil we will be adding a few more in the coming months.  The benefits of Lavender are endless but the main reason is for calming as we all know those times, it’s needed. 

Introducing essential oil based products for the first time, we recommend pouring, scooping or sprinkling depending on which product you choose, on a cotton ball or cotton pad.

Place the cotton material nearby when you are feeding him or her.  Once they are used to the aroma and you feel comfortable using, test a small area to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

If there happens to be any sort of allergic reaction, use dishwashing soap with a cloth and wipe off.

Here are the important safety precautions:

  • Don’t use oils in or too close to the eyes. If any oil accidentally gets in the eyes, flush with milk rather than water.
  • If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.
  • Avoid using essential oil based products for babies that have a medical condition that would be aggravated.

For Children ages 2 and over:

We have a variety of body butters, oils, powders etc. using fragrance oils.  Our fragrance oils are phthalates and paraben free! 

Caution:  Please do not purchase any products for children that contain EO from our regular product line as the dilution rate will be too intense for them.  We also have put this caution on all of our ingredient sections as well as on each of our labels.