I had the pleasure of testing Natural Scentzation’s beard oil, butter and balm. I was very surprised and satisfied with all three products and continue to use them on my beard daily! I found each product to be greatly beneficial while bringing slightly different characteristics to the table.

I’ve grown several respectable beards over the past few years, some with durations up to twelve months. I never used products in my beards until Laurie gave me the opportunity to try her line up.

I was given all three products which I used in two week increments, one preceding the other.

The beard oil was fantastic and a close second to my favourite of the line up. It was rich and pure feeling, yet had no oily residue left on my face or hands. It made my beard feel and look healthier and full, yet clean, crisp and soft.

Second product in rotation was the beard butter. This was also a fantastic quality beard product! It had all same characteristics of the beard oil yet provided more structure to my beard. The scent was perfect along with the texture. Went into my hands smooth and even smoother into my beard. Perfect for a beard that’s not too long. Definitely helped keep the hair healthy and soft to the touch. Great for keeping my mid length beard in control.

The final product was the beard balm. This was my favourite product of the three. I will continue to use all three products in my beard but if I was left in a pinch or going away on business, this would be the winner to pack in my bag. As my beard continues to grow, it naturally becomes harder to tame. This product works great for keeping my beard neat and styled the way I desire. The wax offers great hold yet plenty of pliability to restyle throughout the day. It has a leg up to the other products I’ve recently tried that I find exceedingly difficult to wash out or spread evenly. All around a fantastic beard balm with a distinguished aroma and texture!

I highly recommend all three of these products to any man, woman or animal (they’re fully safe for all genders and species:)) that are looking for a nicer, healthier beard!!

Thanks again Natural Scentzations!

Kind regards,