Natural Scentzations is a family run business, proudly making our products from start to finish locally in Toronto, Canada.

Our Story

We discovered and heard first hand, stories from doctors, patients and their family members about how health can be adversely affected by environmental toxins, consuming foods with chemical preservatives and additives, or produce sprayed with pesticides. This detrimental effect also extends to using harsh chemical products in our homes and on our bodies. After doing much research and discovering that most personal care products contain a multitude of synthetic ingredients that can be absorbed by the skin, and realizing just how harmful they can be to our health, we had to take our passionate hobby of creating natural products for our own families and extend it to other families.

We wanted to create products that are honestly 100% natural and truly effective for the whole family. Products that you feel good about putting on your skin and at the same time rejuvenate your skin cells!  Your body deserves it, lets face it, it goes through a lot!

All of the ingredients used in Natural Scentzations products are carefully chosen for their healing, rejuvenating and skin-balancing properties. Our body care line is handmade in small batches and uses the best quality botanical plant & vegetable based ingredients that are also 100% vegan friendly.

Our Scentz

For our Scentz we use 100% pure essential oils.  A small percentage approx. 10% we use fragrances that are paraben & phthalates free.

Our mission:

  • To create a one-stop body care shop for the whole family from head to toe!
  • To revolutionize skincare for all skin types by making the best all-natural products out of the highest quality ingredients available.
  • To provide customers with the best possible customer experience.
  • To create a company that people love to work for and love to buy from because we really care about what we stand for.

Going natural doesn’t mean going expensive.  We have kept our product line pricing affordable for the whole family, including your fur babies!  We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us and we can discuss a refund and or replacement product.  We strive to keep our customers happy!

Thank you from,

Natural Scentzations Team!

You can contact us @ 647-391-7114, 7 days a week!  This is our mobile phone in which one of our team members will always have on them.