30 Day Face Challenge

We invite you to try our 30 day face challenge!  (Money Back Guarantee!)

Achieving flawless skin does not have to be complicated. Skin care experts agree that a consistent skin care routine tailored to your skin type delivers visible results. Skin care products have a synergistic effect and are more effective when used together as a regimen which is Daily Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize with weekly exfoliation and a mask based on your skin type.

If you find your face has not improved and you are not happy with the turn out, please contact us after the 30 days for a no hassle money back guarantee.

Here is a few things that people have been saying about our face products!

“As a person with very sensitive skin most products tend not to work for me. I have tried products that claim to be all natural on my face and body which were either too harsh and caused greater damage or didn’t do anything at all. Recently I’ve been using a combination of Natural Scentzations “Sensitive Skin Sugar Face Scrub”, “Argon oil face soap”, and “Oily-Acne Prone Facial Serum” to treat my skin and it works wonders! The face scrub has a soft almost creamy texture and isn’t too harsh on the skin, leaving your skin very soft and renewed. I found that the face soap helps to reduce inflammation of acne and keep in under control but doesn’t dry your skin out. After using the face serum as a moisturizer I will never go back to using regular lotion again, it’s the perfect solution to helping your skin stay hydrated while not being too oily or too dry. I’ve also been using the “Lemon Grass Whipped Body Butter” which is just absolutely amazing for dry skin, My skin was soft and moisturized all day even after going swimming! Another great thing is that the products don’t have a strong or overbearing smell. Excellent products”!

A. Cave, Scarbourgh

I recently starting using the Sugar Face Scrub for normal/combination skin. I have to say I loved that I got the same results like those expensive brands (that are loaded with chemicals),but knowing now I am using natural ingredients on my face. The scent is very refreshing too!”

Melanie, Toronto

(African Black Cleansing Soap) “Been using this on my face everyday for a only few days so far and I’m already seeing the difference! It also helped with a lot of blemishes in so little time. My fav facial cleanser A+”

T. Collins, Toronto